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Here at Neptoon, we hope that you are doing well. If you’re anything like us, which you probably aren’t, but we can hope so as to offset our own weirdness, buying records probably makes you feel better about all this bs rain we’ve been getting in Vancouver. Since that is likely absolutely the case, we would like to take this time to tell you about three new bundles of new releases we have just received in store for your enjoyment.

Thanks to some hard work by your favorite Melvins fan, Ben, we have tracked down the last of our Record Store Day shipment. Yes, its late, but its here. Revel in it. Some of these we had limited quantities of on Record Store Day, others we didn’t. Keep in mind we also have some RSD titles remaining in stock, including releases by The Black Keys, Pantera, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devo, Them Crooked Vultures and more.


The Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul
Moby Grape – Live
The Thermals/The Cribs – Record Store Day 7″

R.E.M. – Chronic Town
Sonic Youth –  Evol
Sonic Youth – Confusion Is Sex
Sonic Youth – Hits Are For Squares
The Velvet Underground – Live 1969 Volume 1
The Velvet Underground – Live 1969 Volume 2

Here are some other keen eagles that just landed…
Alice In Chains – Jar Of Flies/Sap LP (Reissue)
Caribou – Swim LP
Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Volume 2 LP
Saint Vitas – Hallow’s Victim LP
Yardbirds – Live feat. Jimmy Page LP
Ax – You’ve Been So Bad
(Rise Above Relics Reissue, unreleased Canadian 60’s psych-hard rock) 10″

ALSO! If you’ve been in the store during the past week or so, you have surely noticed the massive quantity of boxes full of records sitting in the corner, usually being rifled through by a number of people looking for once-in-a-lifetime finds. A monolithic collection comprised largely of rare avant garde, electronic, jazz, folk and world music has recently made its way to Neptoon. We are adding new gems from this collection to our New Arrivals section each day. There are also a number of spoken word/comedy, blues and classical recordings in the collection as well. We’re getting it out into the bins as quick as we can, save for the breaks we take to type detailed blog posts about all the great music we are getting in, but all are welcome to come and root through boxes as well.

Questions? Concerns? Compliments related to prose? All inquiries can be directed to and all matters will be handled via

team neptoon

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