Does Neptoon buy used records?
Neptoon not only buys used records, concert posters, memorabilia, music magazines and more! If you are looking to get some spondulicks for your collectables, we would like to speak to you. A few things to consider…
– LPs must be in mint or near mint condition to be considered for purchase by Neptoon. This pertains to both album and packaging. Visible and permanent scratches, scuffs or marks on most records, jackets or sleeves can severely decrease the value of the item.
– Not all records were meant for a second life. Neptoon will only purchase items which have a resale demand or are collectable.
– Exceptions may be made for items which are in less-than-perfect condition but are collectable or rare.
– Any records that we aren’t interested in can be left behind (assuming we have space at the time).  All left behind records get put into our free bin outside nightly

We are happy to look at your stuff 99% of the time!  To be on the safe side, we’d recommend calling us before coming down, but generally we are always up for it!  We also recommend coming during a weekday as it is generally less busy.

I am looking for a particular record that Neptoon does not presently have in. Can it be ordered in specifically for me?
Special orders may be taken on a case by case basis. For Cds and some Lps, a deposit may be required. For more information on special orders, contact

Can I bring in posters or flyers to Neptoon to promote an upcoming event?

Absolutely! We have a large flyer/zine rack that is fair game for anyone to leave materials, and posters are rotated once a week. If you wish to drop off a poster, that can be done at our front counter any time. Sorry, we do not give away past posters.

Does Neptoon sell concert tickets?
At this time, Neptoon seldom sells tickets, only because event promoters and artists do not bring them in to us. We hear the question”Do you guys have tickets for….?” about thirty times a day, so it would make all sense for us to start carrying tickets, no? If you are interested in having tickets to your event sold at Neptoon, please contact us at to discuss. In the future, all events currently being sold at Neptoon will be listed on our website as well.

I am in a band, and we would like to play an in-store performance at Neptoon. Who can we talk to?
Anyone who has been to Neptoon for an in-store knows that it can turn into the best party you’ve been to since college. If you are in a band, touring or local, who is interested in performing at Neptoon, contact It is pretty seldom that we get to hold in store concerts lately as space has become tighter in recent years, but exceptions are made!

Neptoon Records seems like a nice label to have your album put out on. How can I get in on that?
At this time we are not taking any submissions, and have no current plans for the label.

My band out out our own album, but we don’t have a distributor in Canada. Can we bring in copies to Neptoon to sell on consignment?
Oui! Vancouver bands – BRING US YOUR RECORDS. We will accept vinyl and cassette versions of albums on consignment. But please note! If we have something of yours on consignment we don’t hear but have not heard from you for six months, we cannot be held accountable for keeping track of the product.  We are no longer accepting local CDs on consignment.

If we didn’t answer your question here, our apologies to you, you inquisitive little so and so. Either pop into the store and ask us face to face (good band) or email for further assistance.

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