(Spoiler…there isn’t one…and probably never will be)

I guess this page is actually a bit of a trick. We do not have an online store for any of our inventory, nor do we ever plan to (with the exception for our label’s releases). We do not sell on discogs, ebay, or any other online outlet either. We believe firmly in serving our local community first and only. What is the point in having a physical record store if most of the stock never even makes it to the shelf? Do we like seeing all the limited edition items vanish online to flippers? How about brand new releases, don’t you want to come in and find it on the shelf on release day as opposed to being gobbled up by pre-orders outside of the city? We are here to serve you at the shop, with 100% of our stock being sold in person.

To keep up-to-date with our new pressing arrivals, we post them almost daily to our instagram stories. Stock comes in and out so quickly that we don’t even make posts to our timeline with arrivals! We also do not post our used new arrivals to any sort of social media. We like keeping our used new arrival shelves fresh and exciting to whoever walks in, and not just picked over immediately from someone seeing a post online.

Would we make way more money selling online? Absolutely.
Do we care? No.

I’ve shopped in record stores all over the world, and there’s a common theme. Almost every store that I love doesn’t have an online shop, and almost every store that feels generic and picked over does. Let’s keep things interesting and local.

We hope you understand, and we hope to see you in the shop soon!