Remember message boards? Well, we’re bringing it back.Or maybe, like vinyl, they never really left?

We digress.

Neptoon Records has decided it a good idea to give our friends an outlet for their chats about music, show announcements, in-store events, vinyl collecting and more. The Vancouver music community has been lacking something like this for a while, so hopefully those of you who are into it will take full advantage.

Membership is free. Having your jokes written for you is extra.
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  1. Kirby Sharpe

    “Exile on Main St” Close but no cigar! I heard Bro. Jake say on the radio that he liked the sound of the Cd better than the Lp, thought he was crazy till I read this review. Fremer writes for Stereophile mag and knows a thing or two about good sound and is very pro. Lp . Worth a read and good site about music in general, not just audiophile stuff.

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