Record Swap Recap!

Hello all!
Jessi-Anne here from Neptoon Records. Welcome to our new website, hopefully it will prove to be a bit more user friendly than the previous one. I will miss the old colour scheme though. Damn.

Between all this new website building and longing for colours, we somehow found time to attend and sell at the 35th semi/bi annual Vancouver Record and CD Convention. IT WAS A BLAST. ┬áSo many kind folks stopped by our table to chat and make some great buys on everything from new vinyl to gig posters, used vinyl and books and more! I was fortunate enough to be gifted a copy of Billy Bragg’s Midnight In Moscow, which is fantastic and in perfect shape, as well as find a sealed copy of Hootenanny by The Replacements, which has now sparked a sealed-vinyl addiction which will surely ruin me financially.

It seemed that a lot of people walked (or danced) out of the swap with a gem or two in their hands. Imports, hard to find pressings and cheap-cheap used and new vinyl was moving out of there fast. Of course, vinyl wasn’t the only thing moving. Memorabilia, CDs, books and more were also being carried out by the arm full by vendors and patrons alike.

Rob Frith, the owner of Neptoon Records, is the organizer of this twice-yearly event which has held home at the Croatian Cultural Centre for the last several years after previous spaces proved to be too small for the crowds that turn up for this wonderful day. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, and the atm in the lobby didn’t go down, so we consider it to have been a great success. So much so that we’re doing it again.

Neptoon Records Presents

2010 Record and CD Convention
Croatian Cultural Centre – 3250 Commercial Drive (map)
11am – 5pm // $3

If you would like to participate as a vendor in the Record and Cd Convention, please contact Rob or Ben at Neptoon Records – 604-324-1229. Prices for tables and half tables available upon request. Table space is limited, so do not hesitate to be in touch this far in advance.

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  1. Dustin John Bromley

    Sealed vinyl is for dorks. Open that shit up and get it on your turntable!

  2. neptoonrecords

    I already have an open copy. Thats why its dorky.

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