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Vancouver’s Charted Songs ’56 to ’78 By Brian Tarling

For the first time ever, you can get ahold of every Vancouver radio chart from 1957-1972 in once place.  Brian Tarling has compiled data from six different chart-series that were produced in Vancouver BC between September 1956 and October 1978.
The six chart-series are:
-Red Robinson’s Top 10 (1956-1959)
-CKWX (1957-1962)
-C-FUN (1959-1967)
-CKLG (1964-1977)
-CKVN (1970-1972)
-C-FUN (1978)

654 pages – Softcover

Now available at the shop for $60!



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  1. Steve Koonts

    Exactly what I have been searching for lo these many years. Bought a copy last Saturday. Fascinating! I have many old LG and VN original surveys for sale.

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