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RECORD STORE DAY 2010 WILL NEVER BE BEATEN… At least not until next year when we’ll have to come up with some half-arsed hair brained scheme to top the party we threw this past weekend. The store was packed from open to (eventual) close, with nine bands keeping the walls shaking the entire time.
The Neptoon staff would like to extend a thank-you to all the bands that preformed on Saturday. Everyone brought in a crowd, and each band sounded great. We even stayed almost on schedule.
Another thank-you to the die hards who were lined up outside the store before I even showed up for work. I both admire and am a little scared of you lovely people. Of course the most obvious appreciation goes to each and every person who was able to make it into the store (or listen from the sidewalk) and make Record Store Day 2010 so fantastic.
Here are some photos from Saturday.  Hopefully you all had as much fun as we did! If anyone has photos or video they would be willing to let us post here, you can email me at


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  1. Henry

    Neptoon knows how to throw a party. Next year will be even better!

  2. Motorcycho

    That day was super rad!!!!

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